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Blundell Lectures2018

“Clauses that catch”: Agreements and Development - 11th June

Speakers: Kirk Reynolds QC, Falcon Chambers and Julian Greenhill QC, Wilberforce Chambers

When parties enter into options, conditional contracts and development agreements, they are attempting to legislate for future events. Things often turn out not quite as planned. What are the pitfalls for landowners and developers? Can they be avoided by more careful drafting? Will the move towards “collaboration agreements” make the things less contentious?

Underground overground”: Minerals and profits - 18th June

Speakers: Martin Dray, Falcon Chambers and James Maxwell, Partner, Farrer & Co.

The discovery of retained mineral rights and profits can create real difficulties for land developers but they can be valuable assets for their owners. How are such rights protected? Does the law currently do enough to ensure that such rights are discoverable on acquisition of affected land? What devices can be used to overcome such rights when they are discovered too late?

“Agreeing to have a battle”: Dispute resolution - 25th June

Speakers: Guy Fetherstonhaugh QC, Falcon Chambers and Danielle Drummond-Brassington, Partner, CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang

Are we too ready to insert standard form dispute resolution clauses in contracts without considering whether they are fit for purpose? Would clients really agree to these forms if they anticipated that they might apply to all sorts of dispute and limited their ability to challenge even wrong awards? Are draftsmen negligent as a matter of course in their standard drafting?

“Can we build it?”: Green field development - 2nd July

Speakers: Morag Ellis QC, Francis Taylor Building and Catherine Taskis, Falcon Chambers

With political pressure increasing for developers to deliver housing, green field sites will provide substantial development opportunities. But what difficulties stand in the way of development of such sites given planning and political constraints and the protection afforded to occupiers?

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