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Joseph Ollech

Called 2006

Joseph Ollech

Joe has a busy practice specialising in real estate litigation, and is ranked as a leading junior in the Legal 500 and Chambers & Partners directories. He is regularly instructed in relation to commercial, residential and agricultural matters, and has experience of a wide variety of disputes arising under the 1954 Act, the Rent Acts, the Housing Acts, agricultural and enfranchisement legislation. 

His practice encompasses cases with all land law related issues including restrictive covenants, easements, adverse possession, land registration, boundary disputes, trusts, and mortgages. He has significant experience in advisory and litigation work relating to riverine and coastal land, and the rights of riparian owners.

He also has significant experience in complex cases involving large institutional clients from both the public and private sector, including local authorities, the Port of London Authority, Premiership and non-league football clubs and stadiums.

Joe’s practice also encompasses areas of company and insolvency law which are related to property interests and disputes, and he appears regularly on such matters. In addition Joseph often deals with professional negligence matters that arise in connection with his area of expertise.

  • Education
    • London School of Economics BSc in International Relations and History (1st Class Hons).
    • College of Law Postgraduate Diploma in Law (Distinction).
  • Professional
    • Bar Vocational Course (Outstanding).
    • Buchanan Prize Lincoln's Inn 2006 BVC Result Award.
    • Lord Brougham Scholar Lincoln's Inn 2005.
    • Lord Denning Scholar Lincoln's Inn 2006.
  • Significant Cases

    High Court and above​

    • In re Amin, Abdulla v Whelan et al [2017] EWHC 605 (Ch); [2017] 1 WLR 3318 (Disclaimer under the Insolvency Act 1986 and joint tenancies)
    • Couper v Port of London Authority [2017] EWHC 22 (Ch) (Extended civil restraining orders and orders for enforcement bring closure to a long running dispute on the River Thames).  Acted on behalf of the successful Port of London Authority and a High Court Enforcement Officer in obtaining orders for enforcement by way of sale and disposal of a large collection of boats on the River Thames under Taking Control of Goods Regulations 2013, and also for related directions imposing two extended civil restraining orders against the Claimant  and his wife, even though she was not a party to the proceedings.
    • Chetwynd v Tunmore [2016] EWHC 156 (QB) (with Wayne Clark, a complex two week trial on abstraction of underground water, damage to property, s.48A of the Water Resources Act 1991, but for and material contribution causation issues, overlapping private law relief and planning enforcement and the operation of neighbouring fisheries).
    • Kingston-upon-Hull City Council v Superstadium Management Company Ltd, B80L 8591, Leeds District Registry 18.09.2015 (unsuccessful claim for breach of covenant and injunction by the landlord). Joe acted as junior to Jonathan Gaunt QC in preparing at short notice the defence and evidence in response to this application for an urgent injunction by Kingston-upon-Hull City Council, in connection with the defendant’s actions in laying a new 3G pitch in place of a classic gymnasium floor at the Airco Arena, part of the Hull City stadium complex. The change of pitch was connected with the defendant’s directors’ ambition to achieve Premier League Category 2 status for Hull City’s football academy, as well as repairing issues under its lease. The case was expedited to trial where the defendant succeeded on all aspects of the claim.
    • Westley et al v Camden Motors (Holdings) Ltd, HC-2013-000339 (with Jonathan Karas QC, a case concerning valid service of break notices, agency, s.196(3) Law of Property Act 1925 and the definition of “last-known place of abode or business...”. Settled before trial.)
    • Okadigbo v Chan & Chan QB/2013/0671 24.10.2014 (appeal from the County Court on relating to the exercise of judicial discretion and the multiple to be applied in assessing the payment of a penalty under s.214(4) of the Housing Act 2004)
    • Couper v Albion Properties & Port of London Authority [2013] EWHC 2993 (Ch) (Complex claims in respect of mooring rights over the River Thames, adverse possession, easements, conspiracy, slander of title, harassment and misfeasance in public office)
    • Wren Estates Limited v Hedges & Prinzes Park Limited HC12C00614 06.12.2012 (unreported) (on notices to complete,  the Law of Property Act 1925 s.49, specific performance, and the service of notices “without prejudice” to earlier notices)
    • Edwards & Walkden (Norfolk) Limited and ors v The Mayor and Commonalty and Citizens of London [2012] EWHC 2527 (Ch) (Trial of preliminary issues of 51 tenancies at Smithfield Market under section 35 Landlord and Tenant Act 1954, lease terms changed from all inclusive fixed rent and service charge model to clear lease model with separate variable service charge)
    • Charles Terence Estates v Cornwall Council [2012] EWCA Civ 143,[2013] 1 W.L.R. 466 (Validity of 25 long term leases challenged by the local authority tenant on a mixture of public and private law defences, raising issues of capacity and ultra vires)
    • Charles Terence Estates v Cornwall Council [2011] EWHC 2542 (QB), [2012] PTSR 790, [2012] 1 P & CR 17, [2011] LGR 813
    • Pennock v Hodgson [2010] EWCA Civ 873 (on the interpretation of conveyances, parcel clauses and plans, and the admissibility of extrinsic evidence)


    Other courts and tribunals

    • Henry v Adriatic Land 2 Ltd et al – First Tier Tribunal, Property Chamber (on the proper interpretation of defective service charge mechanism, application of Arnold v Britton, estoppel by convention, reasonableness and payability)
    • Grosvenor Estates v Akam – Central London CC (on Rent Act succession, defendant claiming rights on the basis co-habiting “as if” in civil partnership with deceased tenant, analogy to Nutting v Southern Housing Group Ltd)
    • Matier v Christchurch Gardens (Epsom) Ltd [2017] UKUT 56 (LC): on costs recovery under r.13(1)(b) of the Tribunal Procedure (First-tier Tribunal) (Property Chambers) Rules 2013
    • (1) ICA Inc v Philip Curtis et al, and (2) PRISMA Inc v Philip Curtis, Cheltenham & Gloucester County Court: complicated and overlapping set of four joint proceedings in order to regain control of a large commercial and residential site in Gloucestershire.  Noteworthy In terms of strategic planning and a tactical approach to joint management and/or consolidating multiple overlapping claims and defences so as to preclude any possible right to possession by the Defendants.  Settled before trial.
    • Transline Properties Ltd v Network Rail Insfrastructure Ltd, Romford County Court: (for the tenant on an application for relief from forfeiture against Network Rail, and with the unusual aspect of obtaining relief without having to pay any of the landlord’s costs)
    • JD Wetherspoon PLC: Re the Crown Inn, 23 High Sreet Biggleswade (appearing for the client at a council development and planning meeting, to make representations regarding objections by interested parties as to the existence of a highway or bridle way)
    • Stewart v Target Performance Ltd – First Tier Tribunal, Property Chamber (on the right of a landlord to place insurance with an insurer of its own choosing, and whether insurance premiums reasonably incurred when they rise year on year when placed with the same insurer)
    • Christchurch Gardens (Epsom) Ltd v Matier, First Tier Tribunal Property Chamber (on reasonableness of service charges, appointment of managing agents and whether a 12 month contract renewable on notice is a QLTA, applications for dispensation under Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 s.20ZA)
    • Cowan v Coronet Ltd, Reading CC (On jurisdiction to grant relief from forfeiture and/or alter the terms of a consent order)
    • Celeriter v Hitchin Cow Commoners Trust Luton CC (1954 Act proceedings in respect of Hitchin Town Football Club and stadium)
    • Kefco Sales v Dhillon Basildon CC (injunctive relief in respect of nuisance and damage to property)
    • Zeweditu Mebrahtu by Receivers v Person Unknown Edmonton CC (possession action for receivers, on behalf of but against an unwilling principal)
    • Van Den Berg & Van Den Berg v Irving Newcastle upon Tyne CC (caravan site licence termination and damages for repudiatory breach of contract)
    • Barclays Bank v Ozbay & Ozbay Willesden CC (defending mortgagee possession proceedings, involving issues of undue influence)
    • Kaupthing Singer & Friedlander v Andres Barnet CC (enforcement proceedings in respect of bridging finance loans)
    • Raymond Neville Clayton v Candiva Enterprises Ltd Newcastle upon Tyne CC (on interpretation and rectification for common or unilateral mistake of a contract for sale and transfer of land)
    • Savouri v Georga Land Registry (registration of title arising out of probate proceedings)
    • Juliet Properties Ltd v Tanner Lambeth CC (on human rights, Article 8 and possession proceedings brought by a private landlord)
    • Madeira Walk LLP v Perfect Information Property Ltd Central London CC (1954 Act proceedings, issues involving whether a landlord is limited to opposing on grounds set oual Ly a wllesden CC (defending mortgagee possession proceedings,mg>(1iroaden Cearing for#rwoanx:undsmi> (1rnet CAi> ( to rLing Reod="pouper v2ndantansli-f a hg>M> moses, thepudrc="g>Mamosel to rsub-amosel ential aalogBank v Ozbay & Ozrun NewcaHolm song>(on interpretation and rectificatc evicqy)Bank v Ozbay & Oa High Court Enforcement VdinousTribunal, Propertyudicial discroansof Ling Control of Good,also has sion procfootb risong>(on interpretation and rectifih of contracwectiant erms of a conscfootb involvinerence Estates v Cornwa/0671 24.10.n CCrong> QBing mortgagee possessio nce ofing issues of undue influe Port ondlord aof Propertiwn choosin all a wt sc> rovisry bnt ial London C and jointstrong>Couper v Albion Properties &aEon r its671 24Eon r its> (alati/0671 24(alati/,e possessiChamber (on reasonableness of service char of title,>

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    • Bank v Ozbay & OGluEWCA Katz enr its671 24Scem Percs, Article 8 anon relang>TranCircuwt Judg;Acted onvs challengeance in rhoute ofursud/orePr004)(4)(ai>
    • Coupeg>C8Bank v Ozbay & ON Hi Enf land liceise og>, B80L 8tle arisingd&rsqm t TierBd v ol relill pudiatory bnt oootbalor un

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