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Anti-Racist Statement

Anti-Racist Statement

Falcon Chambers is committed to being an anti-racism organisation. We work to promote equality, diversity and inclusion, and to combat prejudice and discrimination in any form. Recent events have drawn attention to the huge amount of work that still needs to be done in society to confront and eradicate racism. At Falcon Chambers, we recognise our responsibility to be part of this change, and are committed to promoting anti-racism within our organisation.

We understand that anti-racism is about more than refraining from racial and ethnic discrimination. It also includes learning about the extent and effects of racism, and taking pro-active steps to challenge racism wherever we find it.

Falcon Chambers is committed to adhering to the Bar Standards Board’s Anti-Racist Statement of November 2020, and we are implementing a wide-ranging programme to translate our ambitions and intentions into positive and tangible changes. In particular:

  • we have established a working group in Chambers to drive forward our work in promoting anti-racism;
  • we have developed an Anti-Racist Action Plan, which is regularly reviewed and updated;
  • we are embarking on a race equality audit in order to identify any barriers within Chambers to race equality.  This includes engagement with all members, pupils and staff; a review of existing data on recruitment and work allocation; and an analysis of our procedures for recruiting, retaining and supporting members, pupils and staff from all races and ethnicities;
  • we are arranging comprehensive anti-racism training for members, pupils and staff; and we are committed to identifying and implementing positive action measures, where our race equality audit identifies any such need.

We continue to work to educate ourselves on issues of race and ethnicity and to improve our practice and processes.  We have published this statement so that we can be held accountable, and to encourage others (particularly other organisations in the legal profession and the justice system) to join us in actively combatting and eradicating racism.