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About Pupillage

About Pupillage

Our Pupillage Brochure can be downloaded from here.

Few of our applicants will have studied landlord and tenant law in any depth prior to pupillage, and therefore we require incoming pupils to attend an intensive course at Falcon Chambers given by a leader in the field, currently Professor Martin Dixon of Queens’ College, Cambridge. This is usually held in the last week of September. We also give our pupils a solid grounding in advocacy, in addition to the courses offered by the Inns of Court, by providing structured advocacy training during the course of the year.

You will be allocated to a different pupil supervisor every three months of your pupillage, in order to ensure that you are seen by as many people as possible. You will sit in your pupil supervisor's room and will follow as closely as possible all aspects of their day-to-day practice, including court and paperwork, diary and practice management, marketing and client-facing skills.

As a pupil, you will be expected to read papers before conferences and briefs before court, to write opinions and draft statements of case as if they were your own, and to attend court with members of chambers.

In your second six months, once we are satisfied that you are sufficiently experienced, our clerks will allocate work to you. There is usually a reasonable amount of court work available, though it does vary from year-to-year.

We place a lot of importance on being a friendly, closely integrated group of colleagues, and meet for tea, and on Fridays for lunch in our library. As a pupil in chambers, you will be welcomed to these gatherings.

Chambers Pupillage Privacy Notice can be found here.

All future pupils are welcome to work in our library during their BPC year.

You can read what Chambers & Partners Student Guide says about pupillage at Falcon Chambers here.



“The Bar is a second career for me. I started off life as an academic, working as a research fellow in Cambridge following the completion of my PhD. I am very pleased with the decision to switch careers and, in particular, the decision I made to join Falcon Chambers. Life at the Bar can be pretty hectic and it is great to have somewhere as friendly and supportive as Chambers to come home to at the end of a hard day in court.”Ciara Fairley