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Anthony Radevsky

Called 1978

Anthony Radevsky
Best known for his market-leading expertise in leasehold enfranchisement. His practice includes a wide range of landlord and tenant cases, including high-profile commercial disputes. Strengths: "Exceptionally responsive, with a brain the size of Britain!" "Encyclopaedic knowledge of the law and very able to effectively put his point across." "He is an enfranchisement heavyweight and very user-friendly." Recent work: Successfully acted for the respondents in Mundy v Trustees of the Sloane Stanley Estate, a test case regarding valuations under the Leasehold Reform Act 1993.Chambers and Partners UK Guide 2020 (Real Estate Litigation)
"An enfranchisement specialist who is tactical and commercial."Legal 500 2020
"Knows all there is to know about enfranchisement" say sources who further praise his work on landlord and tenant matters, as well as restrictive covenants. Who's Who Legal UK Bar 2019 Guide
"Has a practice that combines property law with real estate-related professional negligence. He is widely noted for his market-leading expertise in leasehold enfranchisement. Strengths: 'A leader in the field of enfranchisement. Technically excellent.' 'He has all the legislation at his fingertips and turns round work very quickly and efficiently.' 'He has total command of his subject and the wonderful gift of knowing when to stop, leaving his opponent to fall into the trap he has carefully prepared.' Recent work: Represented the freeholder in an Upper Tribunal case concerning the rights over a garden at a block of flats which the lessees were enfranchising." Chambers UK Guide 2019 (Real Estate Litigation)
"Very responsive and quick to turn things around."Legal 500 2018
"Has a practice that combines property law with real estate-related professional negligence. He is noted for his expertise in leasehold enfranchisement. Strengths: 'The guru when it comes to enfranchisement issues, he is extremely knowledgeable on all aspect of the 1993 Act.' 'First rate: the leading authority on leasehold enfranchisement and a clear and authoritative lawyer.' Recent work: Appeared in Jewelcraft v Pressland in the Court of Appeal, a decision on whether a shop with a flat above is a house according to the Leasehold Reform Act 1967." Chambers UK Guide 2018 (Real Estate Litigation)
"He is one of the best enfranchisement specialists".Legal 500, 2017
“Has a practice that combines property law with real estate-related professional negligence. He is noted for his expertise in leasehold enfranchisement. Strengths: ‘Has a massive reputation as a towering academic and a walking encyclopaedia on certain property law areas. He has an unnerving ability to explain in one sentence what it takes ten pages for others to explain.’ Recent work: Acted in Snowball Assets Ltd v Huntsmore House (Freehold), which involved the valuation of freehold in collective enfranchisement.” Chambers UK Guide 2017 (Real Estate Litigation)
"An invaluable asset due to his finely tuned ability to anticipate and dissect the arguments of his opponents."Legal 500, 2016
"Widely noted for his expertise in leasehold enfranchisement. His caseload includes issues such as rights of first refusal and restrictive covenants. Strengths: 'He is a very impressive advocate and his knowledge is brilliant.' 'He is very technical and very niche, particularly in the area of enfranchisement.' Recent work: Acted for the appellant in a case concerning how bankruptcy affects the right to enfranchise.Chambers UK 2016.
"He has a good eye for detail, and turns work around promptly and efficiently". Legal 500 2015
"Recognised at the Bar and beyond as being the leading authority on leasehold enfranchisement. He co-authors a text on the subject. Expertise: 'He is a walking encyclopaedia of leasehold enfranchisement law.' 'His advice is always rock-solid, and if he thinks you will win, you probably will.' Recent work: Acted for the lessee in an important dispute on whether houses in commercial use fall within the Leasehold Reform Act 1967." Chambers UK (2015)
"Stands out for his expert knowledge of enfranchisement." The Legal 500 (2014)
"Anthony Radevsky is a highly recommended litigator, his practice encompasses the commercial and residential aspects of landlord and tenant law. He is noted by clients and peers for his particular expertise in leasehold enfranchisement. Expertise: 'The god of enfranchisement'. 'One of, if not the, leading barrister in terms of residential landlord and tenant issues'. Recent work: He received instruction from Pemberton Greenish in a key case demonstrating that tenants may legitimately retract and re make a collective enfranchisement claim without fear of disqualification from the process." Chambers UK (2014)
"Anthony Radevsky is ‘first choice’ for enfranchisement matters;".The Legal 500 (2013)
"Anthony Radevsky focuses on commercial and residential landlord and tenant disputes. He is a noted specialist in the area of leasehold enfranchisement, with sources attesting that 'he knows everything there is to know about it'. Observers describe his written style as 'very succinct and to the point', and suggest that the strength of his advocacy means that 'he has the ear of the tribunals and the courts'. He appeared in McHale v Cadogan in the Court of Appeal, a case concerning the definition of marriage value in collective enfranchisement cases." Chambers UK (2013)
"Clients look to Anthony Radevsky for 'leading advice' on enfranchisement cases".The Legal 500 (2012)
"Anthony Radevsky is 'phenomenal in complex lease cases,' say sources. He recently demonstrated his 'absolutely first-rate skills' in the Court of Appeal on Hosebay Ltd v Day and Lexgorge Ltd v Howard de Walden Estates, two important cases heard together concerning the meaning of 'house' in the Leasehold Reform Act 1967. He is popular with the market."Chambers UK (2012)
"Anthony Radevsky is 'clearly the leading light on leasehold enfranchisement' ".The Legal 500 (2011)
"Anthony Radevsky is widely recognised as a guru on leasehold enfranchisement, an area where he displays 'an amazing encyclopaedic knowledge and client-friendly service'. He was much commented upon".Chambers UK (2011)
"Anthony Radevsky remains the 'king of enfranchisement' and acted for the successful lessees before the House of Lords in Howard de Walden Estates v Aggio".The Legal 500 (2010)
“Anthony Radevsky’s name is synonymous with leasehold enfranchisement, an area in which he is held to be 'an astounding expert with encyclopaedic knowledge'. He acted in Boss Holdings v Grosvenor West End Properties, a matter dealing with the legal definition of the word 'house' in a real estate context”.Chambers and Partners (2010)