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Stephanie Tozer QC

Called 1996Silk 2019

Stephanie Tozer QC
"Handles a plethora of property-related disputes, and is recognised for her skill in handling residential and commercial landlord and tenant disputes. Her clients include multiple multinational corporations. Strengths: 'She has meticulous attention to detail and is very responsive.' 'She always takes care to give careful consideration to all angles of a case.' 'Hard working and efficient. Provides quality advice, excellent paperwork and is very easy to work with.' Recent work: Acted for Vodafone in an Electronic Communications Code case concerning the compensation to be paid to the defendant in respect of the company's infrastructure situated on her land." Chambers UK Guide 2019 (Real Estate Litigation)
"Gets stuck into the detail straightaway and gives sound advice."Legal 500 2018
"Handles a plethora of property-related disputes, and is recognised for her skill in handling residential and commercial landlord and tenant disputes. Strengths: 'She’s incredibly bright, has a fantastic eye for detail and can grasp huge amounts of information very quickly.' 'Crystal clear in her knowledge of the law she applies it to a situation and thinks outside of the box.' Recent work: Acted for GLA in a case relating to an area of land which was key to the substantial regeneration of the Greenwich Peninsula." Chambers UK Guide 2018 (Real Estate Litigation)
"She is energetic and pays total attention to detail."Legal 500 2017
“Handles a plethora of property-related disputes, and is recognised for her skill in handling residential and commercial landlord and tenant disputes. Strengths: ‘Extremely bright and as thorough in her preparation of her cases as anyone we have worked with.’ ‘She has an incisive mind and is a robust advocate.” “Hard-working and efficient, she provides quality advice and excellent paperwork and is very easy to work with.’ Recent work: Settled a £40 million claim for compensation against TfL concerning Farringdon station.” Chambers UK Guide 2017 (Real Estate Litigation)
"Stephanie Tozer is a clear client favourite, earning a number of rave reviews. One solicitor claims, 'Stephanie is quick to pick up complicated issues and really puts the hours in to deliver. She is not afraid to give very honest advice and client direction, as well as being very bright and having a great head for detail'.”Who's Who Legal 2017
"A pleasure to work with." Legal 500, 2016
"Handles a diverse practice which includes niches in mortgage and professional negligence related work. She is recognised by her peers as a tough and effective advocate. Strengths: 'She’s extremely bright and capable. We use her on anything that requires a real technical eye. She’s good at sifting through the detail and getting to the point.' 'She’s very used to delivering high grade advice very quickly. Her performance in court is very good and she’s particularly good with clients'. Recent work: Successfully obtained orders on behalf of an energy company to remove anti fracking protesters from two properties based in Yorkshire". Chambers UK Guide 2016.
"Has a broad property practice, and represents a range of clients on a spread of issues. She has particular niche expertise in mortgage-related work. Expertise: 'Excellent technically, as well as being very commercial and responsive.' 'She is very bright and pleasant to deal with.' Recent work: Acted in the Hackney v Parshall appeal." Chambers UK (2015)
“Extremely good, very bright and good at providing clear advice to clients”The Legal 500 (2014)
"Stephanie Tozer conducts an impressive practice embracing commercial and residential landlord and tenant work and professional negligence related property disputes, with a focus on land registration, student housing and mortgage issues. Expertise: 'She has a practicality and a realistic approach to cases. She is a forceful advocate and doesn’t waste time on needless points'. 'You can give her something really messy and she’ll straighten it out. Whittles it down to the key points'. Recent work: She recently acted in an adverse possession dispute that went to the Court of Appeal. It determined whether land can be accidentally registered to an individual."Chambers UK (2014)
Listed as a Leading JuniorThe Legal 500 (2013)
The 'very capable and well thought of' Stephanie Tozer handles all aspects of real property litigation. She recently acted in Parshall v Bryans, and is noted for being 'appropriately combative' and 'someone who never gets flustered'." Chambers UK (2013)
Listed as a Leading JuniorThe Legal 500 (2012)
"'Rational, tenacious and good with difficult clients, she is a human dynamo' and popular with clients".Chambers UK Guide (2012)
Listed as a Leading JuniorThe Legal 500 (2011)
"Much commented upon is 'star in the making' Stephanie Tozer 'an absolute fighter who gets into a case and starts crawling all over the detail immediately'. Her recent caseload includes Estafnous v London & Leeds, a trial in the Chancery Division concerning estate agents' commission."Chambers UK (2011)
"The 'rational and tenacious' Stephanie Tozer 'has a good eye for detail and strong advocacy skills' ".The Legal 500 (2010)
"Stephanie Tozer recently moved from to the set from Maitland Chambers. Solicitors describe her as 'a mainstream professional with an already impressive skill set, who argues convincingly and is great to work with'. She acted alone in the Court of Appeal for the defendants in the Crown Estates Commissioners v Roberts, a case concerning the earliest notions of property law in England and Wales".Chambers and Partners (2010)
“The “rational and tenacious” Stephanie Tozer joined from Maitland Chambers” The Legal 500 (2009)
"Stephanie Tozer is a regular favourite for many solicitors. She has been involved in a number of misrepresentation cases over the past year, and she is complemented for her detailed approach and the manner in which she can talk really unconvinced judges into seeing her point of view. Chambers & Partners (2009)
"Stephanie Tozer has a great mind"The Legal 500 (2008)
"Stephanie Tozer is a stunning advocate with a nice conversational style who impresses with the thoroughness of her case preparation. She has a general property practice and has developed a specialism in dealing with problem mortgages.Chambers & Partners (2008)
"The excellent legal brain and feisty courtroom style of Stephanie Tozer keep her firmly in solicitors thoughts." Chambers & Partners (2007)
"Stephanie Tozer is good with clients and possesses a strong intellect.""Stephanie Tozer is good with clients and possesses a strong intellect.Chambers & Partners (2006)
"Stephanie Tozer won plaudits for being excellent with clients and having a good legal brain with a feisty court-room style that often wins the day."Chambers & Partners (2005)
Listed as a Leading Property Litigation Junior 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007,The Legal 500