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Stephen Jourdan QC

Called 1989Silk 2009

Stephen Jourdan QC
Stephen has "excellent litigation instinct" says peers who note they have "great respect for Stephen" and command his impressive work on valuation issues. Who's Who Legal UK Bar 2019 Guide
"Has an extremely wide property and agricultural law practice and also handles property-related insolvency, partnership and professional negligence claims. He is also lauded for his deep knowledge of landlord and tenant matters. 'He knows everything, is very creative and has a terrifying command of the details.' 'He delivers excellent written work and is an extremely tenacious advocate.' 'His eye for detail is second to none.' 'Excellent, incisive and very user-friendly.' Recent work: Acted successfully for the claimant in a case concerning the interpretation and effect of a right to use land granted in 1855." Chambers UK Guide 2019 (Real Estate Litigation)
"Well-known agricultural law specialist who receives outstanding feedback from peers. He regularly represents family farming partnerships and their individual members, and also routinely handles landlord and tenant disputes. His recent experience primarily involves acting for rural clients in the context of arbitrations. Strengths: 'He's an advocate who garners a lot of respect from the court, and his submissions are all the more weighty as a result. He is particularly good because his knowledge goes beyond just pure property. He is also quite practical - he rolls up his sleeves and gets on with the job.' Recent work: Acted in Knightsbridge Pension Fund Trust v Downs, an agricultural holdings succession dispute which turned on a point of law as to whether the livelihood condition in Section 50(2)(a) of the Agricultural Holdings Act 1986 was satisfied." Chambers UK Guide 2019 (Agriculture & Rural Affairs)
"A massively clever senior counsel who is at the forefront of the property litigation Bar."Legal 500 2018 (Property Litigation)
"Exceptionally able and knowledgeable, approachable and user friendly."Legal 500 2018 (Agriculture)
"Has an extremely wide property and agricultural law practice and also handles property-related insolvency, partnership and professional negligence claims. Strengths:'He is very commercial, pays fantastic attention to detail and deals with cases involving very complex valuation issues and economic theories.' 'He’s extremely well organised, very bright and a strong advocate.' Recent work: Successfully appeared in the Supreme Court in a case concerning the right of a landlord which is not a PUN authority to recover possession from a tenant under Article 8 of the ECHR." Chambers UK Guide 2018 (Real Estate Litigation)
"Well known agricultural law specialist, receiving outstanding feedback from peers. He regularly represents family farming partnerships and the individual members thereof, and also routinely handles landlord and tenant disputes. Strengths: 'He has a lot of authority: he sets the tone, pace and boundaries of a debate. The court and opposition simply have to try to keep up with him.' Recent work: Acted in farming partnership dispute Ham v Bell, successfully proving that the farm was not an asset of the partnership." Chambers UK Guide 2018 (Agriculture & Rural Affairs)
"His preparation is rigorous and he is someone you turn to when pulling out all the stops".Legal 500, 2017
"Highly recommended for family farming partnership disputes".Legal 500, 2017 (Agriculture)
“Has an extremely wide property and agricultural law practice and also handles property-related insolvency, partnership and professional negligence claims. Strengths: ‘He is excellent. He is very intelligent, and he gets right to the heart of the issues very quickly.’ ‘Stephen’s vast experience shines through when he is advising.’ Recent work: Successfully achieved summary judgment application for the defendant in a case that was an interpretation of Section 36C of the Companies Act 1985.” Chambers UK Guide 2017 (Real Estate Litigation)
"Garners praise from all corners, and is a known leader in rural property matters. He’s renowned for his expertise in landlord and tenant disputes and those concerning farming partnerships. Strengths: 'What you get is forensic attention to detail and complete mastery of the documents. He’s an absolute rock you can rely on; you know you’re in the best possible hands.' Recent work: Represented a farmer in defending a right of way over neighbouring land. The court found in favour of Mr Jourdan’s client, as his use of the land for food production was a correct interpretation of the right of way agreement from 1991." Chambers UK Guide 2017 (Agriculture & Rural Affairs)
"Stephen Jourdan QC draws praise for his property litigation practice. One client is particularly effusive: 'He is incredibly precise, clearly has a grip on all the detail and lets you know you are in incredibly safe hands'."Who's Who Legal 2017
Nominated for the Chambers Real Estate Silk of the Year Award 2012.
Winner of the ERMA Barrister of the Year Award 2013.
"Meticulous attention to detail and a commanding presence in court."Legal 500, 2016
"He has an exceptional reputation for the incisive nature of his advice in real estate disputes. He frequently appears in a wide range of contentious property matters in courts of all levels. Strengths: 'He has a brain the size of a planet.' He is a particularly effective adviser who is a formidable opponent for any barrister. 'He is so focused and everything just falls into place.' Recent work: Appeared in the Court of Appeal on behalf of the respondents, who sought to defend the possession claim made by a private landlord under the Human Rights Act 1998 and Article 8 ECHR."Chambers UK Guide 2016 (Real Estate Litigation).
"Acts on disputes related to termination of tenancies, farming partnership issues and animal welfare matters. He also assists with contentious cases related to European agricultural payments. Real property disputes form a further plank of his practice. Expertise: 'He is somebody who is very precise in his work and can speak reason without offending people.' Recent work: Acted on a claim by a landlord concerning the forfeiture of a farm business tenancy following numerous breaches of covenant." The matter was settled.Chambers UK Guide 2016
A strong advocate, as well as an inventive and erudite thinker. His expertise in property litigation is wide-ranging, although his aptitude for dealing with adverse possession claims is particularly well noted. Expertise: 'Absolutely superb, he is meticulous in his approach and very smooth.' 'Technically brilliant, he has sound commercial judgement, and is one of the leading enfranchisement specialists.' Recent work: Successfully represented Hutchison Whampoa in a High Court trial dealing with title, mooring rights, slander of title, adverse possession, conspiracy and harassment."Chambers UK Guide 2015 (Real Estate Litigation)
Handles a range of property-related disputes. He is an expert in agricultural property disputes, contentious partnership cases, succession claims and matters relating to rights of way. Expertise: 'He's outstanding and does lots of this work; he's head and shoulders above the others.' 'He was really very efficient in what he did for us - he was great.' Recent work: Successfully acted for the landlords in Wannop v Cartmell, opposing an application for succession to a farm tenancy. " Chambers UK 2015 (Agriculture & Rural Affairs)
"A quietly confident chap with a phenomenal intellect and superb advocacy skills."The Legal 500 (2014)
Stephen Jourdan QC is widely considered a master in the field of real estate litigation, he is noted for his meticulous research and comprehensive knowledge of property law. He has expertise in insolvency and professional negligence related claims and a particular interest in animal health and pollution disputes. Expertise: 'Develops technically excellent and innovative legal arguments and is extremely use friendly and hands on when working with instructing solicitors.' 'Absolutely excellent. A delightful man to work with, who is relaxed and unflappable – he knows it all, in the nicest possible way.' Recent work: He recently led on the Leasehold Reform Act 1967 Supreme Court case which clarified the meaning of ‘house’. Also acted for the landlords to achieve lease forfeiture in the high profile Luminar nightclubs administration case." Chambers UK Guide 2014 (Real Estate Litigation)
"Stephen Jourdan QC enjoys an excellent track record in tenancy matters and elicits particular praise for his highly accomplished advocacy skills. Expertise: 'He researches extremely well and is intellectually very strong.' Recent work: Recently acted for a successful landlord in a claim to possession of a farm." Chambers UK Guide 2014 (Agriculture & Rural Affairs)
"The ‘sparkling’ Stephen Jourdan QC recently appeared in Day v Rosebay".The Legal 500 (2013)
"Stephen Jourdan QC is 'a real contender to be the best property silk' in the market, say sources. He successfully acted for tenants in an appeal relating to a collective enfranchisement claim in Smith v Jafton Properties Ltd. Sources appreciate his background as a solicitor, remarking that 'he’s very good at looking at the issues from both sides of the fence'." Chambers UK Guide 2013 (Real Estate Litigation)
"Stephen Jourdan QC is regarded as a first port of call for tenancy and other property matters. In the past twelve months, he has represented clients in Agricultural Holdings Act 1986 tenancy disputes. One source praised him for being 'excellent on his feet and extremely patient'."Chambers UK Guide 2013 (Agriculture & Rural Affairs)
Listed as a Leading Silk.The Legal 500 (2012)
"Stephen Jourdan QC 'knows the law inside out' and is very much in demand, having recently advised on a number of high-value enfranchisement cases, including the Cadogan Square Properties Ltd v Earl Cadogan matter. His record is such that many solicitors agree that 'for a case in the Upper Tribunal or Court of Appeal you would turn to him first every time.' Peers consider Jourdan 'a formidable opponent, who is devoid of ego and intellectually very hard to beat'."Chambers UK Guide 2012 (Real Estate Litigation)
"Stephen Jourdan QC is one of the best silks around for tenancy matters. Interviewees remark that 'he knows as much about agricultural and rural law as anyone, is extremely intelligent and leaves no stone unturned'." Chambers UK Guide 2012 (Agriculture & Rural Affairs)
Listed as a Leading Silk.Legal 500 2011.
Stephen Jourdan QC recently acted for the successful landlords in Goldacre (Offices) v Nortel Networks UK, a case that has been of great interest to insolvency practitioners; he has also acted in appeals arising from the Sportelli case. Many consider him to be 'a superb advocate, a formidable opponent and a very pleasant man'." Chambers UK Guide 2011 (Real Estate Litigation).
"Well versed in the sector is Stephen Jourdan QC, 'a formidably intelligent barrister, who masters the complexities of a case in seconds'. On his feet, Jourdan is 'authoritative, coherent and a man with all the knowledge at his fingertips'." Chambers UK Guide 2011 (Agriculture & Rural Affairs).
"Relatively new silk Stephen Jourdan QC is 'good in court and always backs his judgment' ". Legal 500 2010.
"Stephen Jourdan QC's continued efforts in the real estate field have been recognised through his recent promotion to silk. "His ability to provide cogent answers to the most difficult questions even when they are fired at him by law lords, impresses greatly", according to market sources. Jourdan acted on the high-profile Sportelli case on questions over hope value”. Chambers and Partners 2010 (Real Estate Litigation Section).
"Recently elevated silk, Stephen Jourdan QC receives outstanding feedback from the marketplace. "A formidable advocate who is precise and coherent in his presentation”, he “possess an exceptional intellect and the most lucid understanding of property law.” His recent highlights include a number of landlord and tenant cases, two of which were taken to the House of Lords".Chambers and Partners 2010 (Agriculture and Rural Affairs).
Named as starred performer in Chambers and Partners 2009 Real Estate Litigation and Agriculture list of leading juniors
"Stephen Jourdan has demonstrated his potential as a silk in numerous property-related cases, earning the admiration of his peers with his exceptional brain and clear understanding of property law."Chambers and Partners 2009, Agriculture
"Stephen Jourdan, whose fantastic opinions are respected just as much as his organised, meticulous approach. The past year has seen him active in collective enfranchisements and professional negligence cases, with one significant highlight being involvement in the £2.4 million dilapidations claim of Athens Investments Swindon v Book Club Associates. Mixing profound knowledge of the law with an unassuming attitude, few would argue that there is a junior better than him in his field. "Chambers and Partners 2009, Real Estate Litigation
"Leading juniors include Stephen Jourdan, a superb intellect, whose outstanding courtroom manner served him well in the Sportelli case. "Legal 500 2008.
"Stephen Jourdan is top of the tree as a junior: he is technically superb and very client-focused. He has great empathy with the client's objectives. He has appeared in a number of top cases recently, including Ali v Lane in the Court of Appeal, where the issue was the relevance of acts of user boundary features compared to conveyance plans. He also played a role in one of the most important cases in recent times, Earl Cadogan v Sportelli, a case looking at the right deferment rate on enfranchisement claims."Chambers and Partners Guide 2008 (Real Estate Litigation).
"Stephen Jourdan is a respected authority on landlord and tenants' rights and is considered silk material. Sources identify him as being a mine of information on recent agricultural cases. "Chambers and Partners 2008 (Agriculture).
"Stephen Jourdan is recommended as being reminiscent of Lewison at his best; lucid, sensible, persuasive i.e. a delightful advocate and fierce opponent."Legal 500 2007 (Property Litigation).
Listed as a Leading Junior. Legal 500 2007 (Agriculture).
"Outstanding junior Stephen Jourdan."Chambers and Partners Guide 2007 (Real Estate).
"Clear thinking and easy to deal with, Stephen Jourdan is regarded as a quality advocate with a virtually unparalleled knowledge of property law. He has gained considerable standing in the agriculture sector due to his work on various foot-and-mouth cases, as well as land and water pollution claims."Chambers and Partners Guide 2007 (Agriculture).
Stephen Jourdan acted on DEFRA v Feakins in 2005.Legal 500 (2006) (Agriculture).
"Top-notch junior Stephen Jourdan is recommended for complicated cases because his combination of a strong commercial sense and a peerless knowledge of the law enables him to see more angles than anybody."Legal 500 2006 (Property Litigation).
"Stephen Jourdan gives his all and is extremely diligent and precise. Jourdan is phenomenally bright to an almost intimidating level. Solicitors stated that he is virtually treated as an equal by silks."Chambers and Partners Guide 2006 (Real Estate).
"Stephen Jourdan provides a very thorough and personal service and is both formidable and terrier-like in court. He has worked on numerous foot and mouth cases."Chambers and Partners Guide 2006 (Agriculture).
" real high flier, Stephen Jourdan is very organised and meticulous and thinks outside the box. Peers also noted his ability to converse at a very down-to-earth level with his clients."Chambers and Partners Guide 2005 (Real Estate Litigation)
"Stephen Jourdan is meticulous, very organised and a very good advocate."Legal 500 (2004)
"Stephen Jourdan impresses with his landlord and tenant knowledge."Chambers and Partners Guide 2005 (Agriculture).
"Ethical and attentive Stephen Jourdan's experience as a solicitor is regarded as a considerable advantage within the market."Chambers and Partners Guide 2003/2004 (Agriculture).
"High flyer Stephen Jourdan is favoured for being clever and helpful."Chambers and Partners Guide 2003/2004 (Real Estate Litigation).
Listed as a leading Junior.Property Litigation; Legal 500 (2003).
"Stephen Jourdan draws strong recommendations from both solicitors and members of the Bar. "Chambers and Partners 2003/2003 (Agriculture).
"Scholarly Stephen Jourdan won market applause"Chambers and Partners Guide 2002/2003. (Property Litigation).
Listed as a Leading Junior.Property Litigation, Legal 500 (2002).
"Respected Stephen Jourdan is commended for getting things right."Chambers and Partners Guide 2001/2002 (Agriculture).
"Stephen Jourdan is extremely bright and rated by solicitors for his impressive paperwork."Chambers and Partners Guide 2001/2002 (Property Litigation).
Listed as a leading junior.Chambers and Partners Guide 2001/2000. (Property Litigation)
"Stephen Jourdan is likewise spoken of as silk quality and has a fantastic brain and is quick on his feet"Chambers and Partner Guide 2000/2001 (Property Litigation)
"Intellectually first division Stephen Jourdan is regularly consulted on agricultural matters for his absolute mastery particularly of agricultural insolvency and milk quotas"Chambers and Partners Guide 2000/2001 (Agriculture).
"Among the sets many excellent juniors Stephen Jourdan is one singled out as effective and commercially aware"Legal 500 (2000).
"Very clever and has a touch of Kim Lewison about him"Chambers and Partners Guide 1999/2000
"Other recommended juniors include ... Stephen Jourdan"Legal 500 (1999)
"Two others that stand out are Stephen Jourdan, consistently recommended for his insight and advocacy, and Jonathan Small"Legal 500, 1998.
"Of the juniors ... and Stephen Jourdan (extremely bright and does a brilliant job) are the most popular"Chambers Guide to the Legal Profession 1998-1999.
"From Falcon Chambers is Stephen Jourdan - a man who is especially good on his feet with a brilliantly analytical mind ... Jourdan is particularly noted for his skill in cross-examination and for many, other barristers simply pale into insignificance by comparison"The Lawyer 21st July 1998.