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Hon Dr Clyde Croft AM SC recently appointed a Reserve Judge of the Supreme Court of Victoria

We are delighted to report that the Hon Dr Clyde Croft AM SC, a long-time arbitrator door tenant of Falcon Chambers and an arbitrator in Falcon Chambers Arbitration, has recently been appointed a Reserve Judge of the Supreme Court of Victoria for the next five years. Clyde is returning to the Court in this capacity but will also maintain his work as an arbitrator and mediator and as a Professor in the Monash University Law Faculty, where he is Convenor of the Commercial Disputes Group. Victoria has, like the rest of Australia and the world, suffered the Covid-19 onslaught but fortunately kept cases low and the virus largely suppressed but at the cost of some very significant lockdowns and restrictions. This has had severe consequences in terms of civil and criminal trial  delays in the courts and in civil and administrative matters in tribunals. Clyde and many others are concerned at the community, commercial and business consequences of the current situation and seek to assist as far as possible. In particular, Clyde took part in a Ministerial Advisory Committee in Victoria last year in relation to the development of the Covid emergency regulations and the enabling legislation. He wrote about the process and their content in the attached article for the Australian Law Journal, as the Victorian State Editor. .

Prior to this appointment Clyde was, for ten years, a Judge of the Supreme Court of Victoria and judge in charge of the Arbitration List, the State Taxation List and of a general Commercial List, sitting in the Commercial Court. He practised as an arbitrator in international and Australian commercial arbitration for the previous 30 years before being appointed to the Court in 2009. Clyde is also a prolific author of various legal texts - in the fields of property and commercial law, including commercial leases and mortgages and securities, and commercial arbitration. His Monash work this last eighteen months has included work writing a major international and Australian commercial arbitration text, to be published by LexisNexis later this year.

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