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Adverse Possession

The second edition of “Adverse Possession”, by Stephen Jourdan QC and Oliver Radley-Gardner, was published in February 2011. Since the first edition came out in 2002, there have been dozens of decided cases on adverse possession. This new edition reflects on the points decided or discussed in those new cases, and also includes further thoughts on some areas of the law since the first edition. Some chapters have been re-written or largely re-written, in particular those on the intention to possess, registered land, encroachments and licences. The book provides a full treatise on the law of adverse possession, both before and after the Land Registration Act 2002, referring to both English and Commonwealth authorities, and examines the various issues of principle and practice which arise. The first edition has been cited with approval in a number of decided cases; in SS Global v Sava [2007] PLSCS 190, the judge said it was: "… a text–book which I have found immensely helpful both during the hearing and in writing this judgment”. It was described in a review in the New Law Journal as: “A scholarly and comprehensive account of the old and the new law ... This is the first book devoted to the subject and in 36 chapters grouped into five parts Stephen Jourdan has the space to display the fruits of his meticulous research."

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