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Camilla Chorfi discusses the Electricity Act 1989 on the EG podcast

In EG’s latest “In on the Act” podcast, Camilla Chorfi discusses the Electricity Act 1989 with Sarah Jackman and whether it is still fit for purpose in light of changing energy demands and last Autumn’s consultation on land rights and consents for electricity network infrastructure.

Camilla examines the background to the 1989 Act and how it operates in practice, before running through the consultation detail and reflecting on what the future might bring by way of legislative change. 

Since recording there are at least two updates:

1. Government plans to publish the results of its Land Consents consultation next Spring.

2. The Energy Act 2023 is now in force. On its face, this has limited content for property litigators (and only tinkers with necessary wayleaves provisions), but it is legislation intended secure expand and re-invigorate UK energy to "unlock £100 billion private investment in energy infrastructure". A proportion those assets, of course, need to traverse or will otherwise impact private land.

Listen to the podcast here.

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