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Staying for further explanations

This article from Cecily Crampin and Imogen Dodds considers whether the new CPR 55.29 has changed the effect of the stay under PD 51Z. In particular, what is the test for its lifting? Is the test exceptional circumstances, as under PD 51Z? Does CPR 55.29 apply if the court has previously lifted the stay, perhaps without considering whether it was right to do so?

Download: Staying for further explanations

Coronavirus and property: keep taking the medicine.

Extended relief in relation to forfeiture, CRAR, insolvency and planning. Martin Dray has provided a quick update in relation to the latest developments on four fronts: (1) forfeiture; (2) CRAR; (3) insolvency; (4) planning.

Download: Coronavirus and property: keep taking the medicine.

Point West GR LTD v Rita Bassi & Ors [2020] EWCA Civ 795

This is an important decision by the Court of Appeal on the scope of the review that the FtT is able to carry out (under Rule 55) on an application for permission to appeal one of its decisions. Paul Letman has provided a short summary.


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