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Playing second fiddle? 29 November 2022

Priority in mortgage receivership: Cecily Crampin, Tricia Hemans & Imogen Dodds examine distribution of funds & multiple receivers

Download: Playing second fiddle?

Guest v Guest 19 October 2022

Elizabeth Fitzgerald has produced a short summary on the Guest v Guest case. The Supreme Court heard this appeal on 2nd December 2021 and judgment was handed down today (19th October 2022).


The rights and wrongs of expert evidence 30 September 2022

Oliver Radley Gardner KC has produced a paper on 'The rights and wrongs of expert evidence'.

Download: The rights and wrongs of expert evidence

Building Safety Act - New Jurisdiction and Powers 06 September 2022

Paul Letman and Julia Petrenko have produced an updated article on the Building Safety Act 2022. The Building Safety Act (‘BSA’), as is well known now, was granted Royal Assent and passed into law at 13.38pm on 28 April 2022. The Act which was first introduced as a Bill to Parliament on 5 July 2021, is a central element of the Government’s response to the Grenfell disaster of 14 June 2017.


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